Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Final Blog Post

I think that this class was a good combination of old vs. new.  We went over some of the basic business writing documents that you still encounter today in the business world, but we also looked into the business documents of the future.  So a resume and cover letter may turn into your facebook, twitter, or linkdin page.  Also we looked at the uses of technology to drive business and spread information.  Some of these were more enjoyable and applicable for me than others. 
      At the start of this class i had a very bias opinion towards twitter and thought that it was just some stupid site where people with nothing better to do would go to see what Kim Kardashian had for lunch today or where Lebron James was going to spend the next few hours of his day at.  I found this to be extremely far from the truth.  Although Twitter can be used for the aforementioned it can also be used as a way to spread useful information, share research, and gain new perspectives.  It can also be used to promote events or new campaigns for your business.  What I found out is that it is all about how you use Twitter.  If you follow the right people and engage yourself in using Twitter as a forum for knowledge and information then that is exactly what it will be.  The business and social applications are endless, and that is why Twitter will be around for a long time to come. 
     The other new online experience that we had in this class was to create a blog.  In some ways I now see this as a resource for knowledge just like twitter but did not enjoy this nearly as much.  It is not quite as much to the point and I am not a big fan of the blogging experience.  The one thing that I did enjoy about blogging was that it kept me up to date on some business relative news that was going on around the U.S and the world.  Also both Twitter and brings about one more issue as well.  For the most part when something is posted on the internet it is there to stay.  I am not saying that anyone in this class would be in this group but I am sure there are often time posts are made on both Twitter and on blogs that people later wish they would not have done.  Whether it was simply typed in the wrong word, where angry about a certain topic and used social media as an outlet, or you posted something when you were slightly inebriated.  Those posts are there and there to stay.  Yes, you can go back and delete that post or rephrase what you said but once something has been posted on the internet it is never completely gone and can be accessed by almost anyone.
      All around I thoroughly enjoyed this class, because it did present some new ideas that I had not thought of before.  It was also a very interactive course as well which I also enjoyed.

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